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Projects We Fund


We encourage and support conservation through a keen stewardship of Philomath area natural resources through the placement and replacement of our natural resources that increase the beautification and resident livability on all levels of our community.

■ Senior Citizens

The Foundation provides encouraging prospects for senior citizens to have life-enhancing opportunities, through optimistic situations that assist them to keep honed on learned skills from childhood and to become active, socially productive residents of our community. We understand our seniors are living treasures and should be recognized as founts of knowledge to share as resources in our community.

■  Youth  

The Foundation is well aware that our youth are an investment in the future. We protect our future's investment; consequently, the Foundation funds opportunities to our community's youth in positive social, physical, and intellectual activities providing constructive environs for growth, and a competitive stance as they mature into citizens of our community.

■ Families

The Foundation supports the aspirations of housing, business, and neighborhood maintenance development that enriches our community, by maintaining homes and neighborhoods. We understand the business of our community is business and people. We support the economic growth and development of existing and new businesses in our community. We support housing developments that create an affordable positive community environment and livability for all residents.

Recent Donation Recipients
High School Baseball Program
Paul Marriman Invitational Cross Country Event
Philomath Senior All Night Party
Benton County Juvenile Department
PHS Youth Recognition Award 
Philomath Chamber/Recognition Award 
Benton Furniture Share
Philomath Frolic & Rodeo

Philomath Baptist Church

Philomath High School Tennis Club
Russ Hunt Scholarship
Philomath Scout Lodge
Philomath Youth Activities Club
Benton County Youth
Philomath Downtown Association 
Benton County Historical Society
Philomath Sign Group

We Care
Neighbor to Neighbor Soup Kitchen (at College United Methodist Church)
Philomath Community Services 

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